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TECH CITY Conceptual Masterplan

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Project Description

Venture Garden Group is pursuing the development of a Technology City Project that would create a 15+ hectares work-live-play mixed used development that will cater to the technology driven economy in Nigeria.

  1. TechCity would be capable of attracting international companies looking to do business in Nigeria while providing 21st century office and residential facilities for their staff and operations
  2. TechCity will be a comprehensively planned, inclusive, and open community tailoredfor the technology driven economy and focused on the Live-Work-Play concept, providing a broad mix of land uses to cater for all the needs of the residents and visitors.
  3. TechCity will contain residential buildings, office buildings, retail/shopping complex, an arts/entertainment centre, a hotel and a community centre with supporting technological infrastructure to support a self-sustaining, eco-friendly and compact community.
  4. TechCity will have its own physical infrastructure (ICT, water supply, sewage and sanitation, power, and solid waste management), social infrastructure (educational, recreational and health facilities), and security and safety.


  • Status – Research & Conceptualization
  • Duration –
  • Clients – Venture Garden Group
  • Nature – Planning and Research Estimated
  • Project Value – withheld
  • Site Location: Yaba, Lagos

Project Details


  • Master Planning
  • Research

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