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Excellence In Service

A variety of Options

Regardless of the Nature of Project, We always strategically carry out thorough project planning before engagement to site, this is in order to properly define our work timelines and deliverable based on client/user need. Our project administration procedures are broken into these broad phases a. Research & Project Planning b. Design/Construction/Project Management/Quality Control c. Post-construction Evaluation/Management

Project Design Consultancy

We provide a complete design and consultancy service to clients who desire efficient and sustainable masterpieces. We operate an Integrated Design on almost all our projects - this implies that all architectural, engineering and cost professionals work together to ensure most effective design possible. We also clearly understand the peculiarity of our Local environment as such making designs more effective thus saving considerable amount of time. All designs are also communicated with 3-dimensional photorealistic imagery

Urban Space Planning

Our Urban Space planning Unit is responsible for the design and execution of projects which involve space management below or above the scope of core architecture. This implies large scale designs such as Masterplans, City plans and Urban Design as well as smaller scale projects like Interior Design, Fit outs, decor, renovations and remodeling projects. The unit works hand-in-hand with the Architects to determine the best use of Design variables.


We model architect led Design-build process as part of our operation based on the unique needs of some clients who seek a single entity so as to maximize project efficiency without compromising design performance or project quality. We Design, Build, finish, furnish and deliver.

Construction Project Management

The Construction Project Management unit is the hands-on unit in charge of executing the cost effective delivery of projects that are being executed by us. Using equipment, tools and several years of experience we go ahead to deliver the most up to date Construction and environmental solutions to our clients, always.

Project Development

From Concept through Design to implementation of construction projects and post occupancy evaluation we ensure that the projects are completed efficiently, on time and managed adequately there after The project Development unit is the core of Lavaar Atelier as we initiate ideas and commit resources to the success of the projects, from research to project feasibility, planning and seeking winning collaborations in order to achieve our set goals

Estate Brokerage & Facility Management

We carry out full real estate agency and brokerage for properties developed by us and for our clientele. Due to our experience over the years we are in a position to visit a completed project, prepare a schedule for repair works (if any), and make recommendations or put on retainer-ship basis to maintain residential & commercial buildings

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