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…A  R  C  H  I  T  E  C  T  U  R  E as I envisage, is fast inclining towards

an art form,

an innovative thought to solving social problems in the urban context,

Interaction Design,

Smart / intelligent Designs and

Passive /Green Design.

In the years to come, the value proposition for the discipline will certainly evolve beyond what we have today. The list above may very well be aspects to consider inclining your lenses towards mastery…

Published by

Gregg Ihenyen

Gregg, is a young Architect, and Entrepreneur with over 9 years industry wide experience spanning Real Estate, Architecture, Project Management & Construction. He has prior work experience in Real Estate Development, Architectural Visualization and Animation, Events Management, & New Media Management. In his spare time, he reads, writes, and comments on Socio-Political matters

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