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5 Bedroom Automated Luxury Home with Pent House + Roof Garden

Project Description

A 5-Bedroom Luxury Home on half a standard plot. The Design and Execution was a true test of our ability to maximize space as well as meet the client’s unique expectation for his ultra modern home.

The Design Features –

Large Living spaces and Bedroom Spaces, Long window and curtain wall openings, cross-ventilation in all rooms, a music room, a study, a gym, a roof garden terrace, provision for energy efficient systems including sustainable alternative solar power and energy efficient M&E fixtures. Automated Gate, Central Sound, Central Water Heater, CCTV, Bullet Proof and Sound Proof Windows, Roof Terrace Garden with Embedded Jacuzzi on iron wood finished flooring, LED Lights, Vanity Sanitary ware etc

  • Status – Completed in 2016
  • Duration – 7.5 Months
  • Clients – Private
  • Nature – Design & Build
  • Estimated Project Value – N61,050,000

Project Details


Private Client


  • Design and Build
  • Interior Finishing and Furnishing

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